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For the past nineteen years, the All My Relations Women's Basketball team has been a safe and healthy vehicle for the ladies of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, an encouraging space for them to get involved in their community. Our community consists of 30-40 Indigenous women from various nations and backgrounds ranging in age from 17 to 40 years. 


Many of us are single mothers, post-secondary students, and are all committed advocates for sports and healthy living. In basketball, we have learned to practice how we want to play, and in our lives we are the change we want to see in our communities. We value the importance of volunteering with, mentoring, and coaching youth who want to learn to play basketball. As individuals and as a team, we give back to our community however we can and support networks that promote and sustain a vibrant and healthy Indigenous lifestyle, while also preserving rich culture and sport.


All My Relations Basketball team has been the backbone of the DTES community and underrepresented on all levels. We have hosted four successful basketball tournaments in several locations (Britannia, Raycam, Friendship Center, and helped with Canada 150+ 3 on 3 at Larwill Park), and have also coached countless youth basketball clinics.


Our vision is to provide quality care and support networks that promote and sustain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, while also preserving our rich cultural heritage, and strengthening the bonds of people through ongoing advocacy. While assisting First Nations women and men socially and culturally, we endeavour to enhance their health and welfare and encourage individual growth and development. 

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